Adventure Time

With its lovable and extensive cast of characters, Adventure Time has earned millions of fans of all ages and is one of the highest rated cartoons on television, and the Adventure Time Trading Cards are the pefect way to collect your favorite characters! Incorporating art from the comics, title cards, episodes, and original art commissioned especially for the cards, the trading cards bring the whole AT universe together. Look for these awesome cards, including blank Fan Art cards, coming this Summer!

Contents Summary:

  • 54-card Base set featuring BOOM! comic covers, episodic images and title cards, and original art.
  • 9 Steampunk cards (2:24 packs); 9-card puzzle set with an original story written and drawn by Katie Cook (2:24 packs)
  • Autograph cards (1:24 packs); "Totally Fabricated" wardrobe cards (1:96 packs)
  • Blank Fan Art sketch cards (1:24 packs); and hand-drawn Sketch cards (1:24 packs)
  • The limited edition binder features Finn and Jake, and comes with an exclusive card!
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