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Alien the Movie Trading Cards


  • 100-Card Base Set – Printed on throwback designs and vintage-feeling cardstock, featuring images from the original movie that started the franchise.
    • Foil Parallels – SilverBlue #’d to 99, Red #’d to 25, Canvas #’d to 15
  • Seven Different Insert Sets – Showcasing behind the scenes images, deleted scenes and more!
  • Special Hits!!
    • 1-of-1 Artist Sketch Cards – Depicting modern recreations of iconic scenes and charactersfrom the movie.
    • Android Parts & Mineral Ore! – Look for cards containing manufactured items seen inside the abominable android, Ash as well as actual pieces of mineral ore that would attract a ship full of doomed spacefaring miners.
    • Semiotic Patches! – Collect manufactured patch cards inspired by icons from the movie.
    • Alien Egg Shadowbox Cards! – Find and open* unique alien egg cards and reveal the frightening contents within… *please hold away from face when opening.
    • Look for Authentic 1-of-1 Press Plate cards!

Shipping November 2017!

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