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April 2015 Newsletter

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hello Everybody! As I mentioned last month, I agreed to teach a couple of classes at the local community college this spring. Because of this, I will out of my office most mornings from now through the middle of June. You should still be able to reach me by phone after 1:00 PM PST. As always, email remains the best way to contact me.

Help Wanted:
I am pleased to announce that we will be reopening a small brick and mortar storefront here in Walla Walla in late spring or early summer. What we need to accomplish this is an employee or two! If you are interested in working at Digital Heroes please see the following link:

Coming this Month:

Rittenhouse has the Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cards coming around the middle of the month. Boxes include 1 autograph and 1 costume card each. These are sold out from Rittenhouse and we only have a couple of cases left at this point. We are also taking pre-orders for base sets and binders. I will be breaking some boxes down but I'm way behind in getting things posted, (see my Help Wanted above) but I will eventually have some chase cards posted as well.
Order here:


The 2015 Legends of Star Trek from Rittenhouse are scheduled to arrive before the end of the month. This time expect 9 cards each featuring Kes and Neelix and 6 expansion cards each for Tasha Yar, Wesley Crusher and Geordi La Forge whom were depicted on only 3 cards in the past. If you ordered these sets from us in the past we will be able to match serial numbers. There is a text box on the order page where you can enter your number or you can drop me an email with your preference.
Order here:

Star Trek

The Sons of Anarchy Seasons 4 & 5 cards from Cryptozoic are currently scheduled to ship around the end of the month. I would not be surprised to see these rescheduled. Boxes will include 1 autograph and 1 costume card. The list of signers for this set is fantastic and includes most all of the stars from the show. The binder includes an exclusive metal card and we are also taking pre-orders for the base set.
Order here:

Sons of Anarchy

Topps has the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Illustrated cards scheduled to ship around the end of the month. These are a follow up to the original Star Wars Illustrated cards which feature images based on scenes from the original radio program. Boxes include sketch, artist autograph and other chase cards. We are still accepting pre-orders for full boxes only. I do not plan on breaking these down at this point in time.
Order here:

Star Wars

We are also taking pre-orders for the following:

Game of Thrones DC Comics Super Villains Continuum Jayne Mansfield

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you have any questions about any of the products listed here.

Jeff Watson, Owner
Digital Heroes
2004 Carl St.
Walla Walla WA 99362
Phone: (509) 525-0380

*Please Note: product release dates, content and configuration are based on the most current information we have at the time of this writing. It is very possible that the manufacturer may cancel, delay or alter the product content or configuration prior to release. Digital Heroes has no control and takes no responsibility for changes made by the manufacturer to their product prior to release.

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