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August 2015 Newsletter

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Digital Heroes August 2015 Newsletter

Embedded image permalinkHello Everyone! I've had a very busy summer. We spent several days last month in the Seattle area attending the state Little League tournament. My sons team only won 1 of their games, but they all had a great time. The highlight being a Seattle Mariners game we attended. My summer travels aren't over just yet - see my "Vacation Warning" below.

Just because I've been out of town it doesn't mean that work isn't getting done around here. During this last month we've added cards from case breaks of Avengers Silver Age, Marvel Fleer Retro, Star Wars ESB Illustrated, Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1 to 3, and Breaking Bad. We just started breaking down some cases of Star Trek Voyager (see below) but it will be after I return before these are posted.

Vacation Warning: I have my family vacation scheduled for this month. Because of this Digital Heroes mail order will be closed August 10th though the 17th. All online orders placed during this time will be processed on the 18th. Our local shop will remain open but with reduced hours from 2:00PM to 6:00PM.


The Doctor Who 2015 cards from Topps have been rescheduled to ship this November. I still have everyone's original order and will fill those when the boxes finally arrive. I have also reopened orders so if you missed them the first time, or wish to increase your existing order, you can do so at the link below.
Order here:

Doctor Who

Just Arrived:

The 2015 Leaf Pop Century boxes arrived a bit earlier than what we expected. We didn't receive a large allocation and pre-orders were strong. I do still have a few boxes left, but I'm sold out of full cases. I don't plan on breaking any of the few boxes I have left. If you do want a box I recommend placing an order as soon as possible.
Order here:

Pop Century

The Star Trek Voyager Heroes & Villains from Rittenhouse are now here and ready to ship. We have boxes, binders and base sets ready to go out the door as soon as we receive your order. I have my team working on breaking down 3 cases and we'll have the contents posted before the end of the month. There are 69 different autographs in this release and they include most of the main cast as well as a very nice variety guest stars including many fan favorites. This set also has sketch cards and the one I saw from our first case break was fantastic!
Order here:

Star Trek Voyager

Coming this Month:

Rittenhouse has the Continuum Series 3 cards scheduled for release on the 19th. Autographs will come 3 per box. Also look for foil, parallel and other chase cards. This is a limited edition release and I expect these to be sold out in short order. Rittenhouse is NOT producing a binder for this release as they believe you can combine these into the binder produced for the Continuum Seasons 1 & 2 cards. We are still taking pre-orders for full boxes and base sets. I plan to break a single case of these and should have the contents posted by the end of the month.
Order here:


The Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives - Jedi vs. Sith are scheduled to release on the 21st. Each box includes two "hits" which will include Medallions, Sketch Cards, Autographs and Printing Plates. The base set features 100 cards with 50 focusing on Jedi and 50 on Sith. There will be a variety of other chase cards including multiple levels of parallels. Topps has these listed as "SOLD OUT" and we have less then a case left as of this writing.
Order here:


Star Wars

Rittenhouse has two factory sets scheduled to ship around the end of the month. The first is a Falling Skies Autograph Expansion Set. This set contains 11 autograph cards. The second is an Under the Dome season 2 collector's set. This set features 13 season 2 cards and 18 autographs. Both of these sets are being produced in very limited quantities.
Order here:
and here:

Under the Dome

The Pokemon XY Ancient Origins expansion is scheduled to ship on the 12th of August. This expansion features over 90 cards with 11 new Pokémon-EX, including 3 Mega Evolution Pokémon and a new Mythical Pokémon. We are taking pre-orders for booster packs, boxes and elite trainer packs. Once released we will have the theme decks posted for sale as well.
Order here:


We are also taking pre-orders for the following:

Penny Dreadful Star Wars Force Awakens Firefly Ant-Man

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you have any questions about any of the products listed here.

Jeff Watson, Owner

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