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Fall 2016 Newsletter

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Digital Heroes Summer 2016 Newsletter

Happy Fall! As I'm sure you've noticed, our monthly newsletter has been a bit less than monthly - more like quarterly at this point! I've taken on several new tasks that have eaten up all the "extra" time I had been using on the newsletter. If you find that you miss hearing from me, I highly recommend that you follow our facebook page: ( Most of the news posted there directly relates to the goings on at our local shop, but I do occasionally post information about new releases. If you prefer Twitter, I've been posting some items there as well:

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we've started carrying new comics again. I've recently updated our website to allow prepaid pre-orders for new comics and graphic novels from the Diamond Previews catalog to be placed at a discounted price. Please keep in mind that just like all of our pre-orders, you order won't ship out until all items you've ordered have arrived here at our shop. Because of this, you'll want to keep the estimated shipping dates in mind when creating an order. And yes, orders exceeding $250 will ship for free. All of this is not an issue if you are picking your comics up locally! Just make sure you choose local pick-up when you are checking out.

PRE-ORDER New Comics and Graphic Novels Here:

Now that we're carrying new comics again, I'd like to know: Would you like to see me highlight some comics and graphic novels in this newsletter? Please drop me an email and let me know!

NEW AT OUR SHOP: I recently sold the large glass display case that held a selection of rare and graded comics in our shop. We have several back issue bins that will be arriving soon to take its place. This will allow us to put a few thousand comics in the space were we previously had only a few dozen. I'm hoping this switchover will be complete by the end of the month. Anthony is currently working on pricing and putting out back issues which I anticipate he'll be doing for the foreseeable future as we have several thousand comics in storage. Marcus, who has been busy working on our Magic Singles selection is now working on action figures and toys. My hope is to double our selection before the holidays!

Recent Arrivals:

We recently received the Star Wars Road to Rogue One cards from Topps. I've broken down a case and will hopefully have the chase cards posted to our website very soon. In the meantime, feel free to place an order for the base set, a sealed box or full case!

Order here:

Star Wars

In late September we posted the contents from a multiple case break of the Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 cards from Cryptozoic. We have a pretty nice selection of autographs and other chase cards. We also have a limited amount of boxes and binders in stock as well.

Order here:

Walking Dead

The Gotham Season 1 cards from Cryptozoic arrived in September. We broke down a single case of these of which the contents have already been posted. I'm pretty happy with what I've seen. I think these will continue to do well in the long run. The binders were late but did finally arrive here last week. We have just a few boxes and sets left so if you want some of these I recommend you don't wait too long.

Order here:


The new Magic the Gathering Kaladesh expansion was released on September 30th. We have a nice selection of Booster Boxes, Packs, Toolkits, Bundles (Fat Pack) and Planeswalker Decks. I expect we'll have some rare singles from this release posted before the end of the month. If you can't wait that long you are welcome to swing by our shop to check out our selection or drop me an email and I'll see if we have the card you are looking for.

Order here:

Magic Kaladesh

Coming Soon:

Cryptozoic has scheduled the Flash Season 1 trading cards to release next week. This is easily one of the best super hero shows on TV and I expect these cards will do well. Pre-orders have been strong and it is possible we'll sell out early. I am planning on breaking a case of these and expect we'll have the contents posted before the end of the month.

Order here:


The Walking Dead Season 5 cards from Topps (yes, you read that right - Topps has taken over the Walking Dead cards) are scheduled to ship around the end of the month. I'm honestly not sure what the manufacturer change will mean as far as production runs, autographs, etc. We've been warned that our orders may be allocated. Boxes are advertised as having 2 "hits" which can be Autographs, Wardrobe, or Sketch Cards. We are currently taking pre-orders for both boxes and base sets.

Order here:

Walking Dead Season 5

Upper Deck has the Marvel Gems cards scheduled to ship early November. Boxes will have 2 packs with 5 cards per pack. There are two types of packs in each box: regular and "Exquisite". They advertise "Premium Inserts in Every Box! - Featuring a variety of card technology from perimeter die-cut and soft touch coating to embedded pieces of wood and plastic lens!" The base set is 60 cards featuring an all-female cast. It appears that sketch cards will be found in an average of 1 out of every 5 boxes. Since this is an Upper Deck product, if you'd like to purchase a sealed box, you'll need to drop me an email, give me a call or swing by our shop.

Order here:

Marvel Gems

The Orphan Black Season 1 cards from Cryptozoic are tentatively scheduled to ship early November but that date could easily change. We don't have a large amount of these on order, so I expect to be selling these out before the start of the holiday season. I do not plan on breaking a full case at this point, but I'll most likely break at least a couple of boxes. Don't wait too long to order these if you want them!

Order here:

Orphan Black

Also shipping in Early November are the Topps 2016 Star Wars Masterwork cards. This is a premium product with 5 card mini-boxes. Each mini-box includes 1 "hit", 3 Masterwork cards and 1 parallel card. Hits include "On Card" autographs, relics and costume pieces. We are currently taking pre-orders for both mini-boxes and master boxes (which include 4 mini-boxes). Please keep in mind that the 2015 Masterwork boxes were a quick sell out and with "on card" autographs, I imagine these will be as well.

Order here:

Star Wars

The Doctor Who Extraterrestrial Encounters Trading Cards from Topps are scheduled for a November release. Boxes included 2 hits (autographs or costumes) and it has been advertised as having 70 different autograph signers. We are currently taking pre-orders for both sealed boxes and the complete 100 card base set. I will most likely break down a case of these at some point.

Order here:

Doctor Who

We are also taking pre-orders for the following:

Arrow Doctor Strange James Bond Outlander
Star Trek Star Wars Walking Dead Star Wars

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you have any questions about any of the products listed here.

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