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Female Persuasion 5 Trizia


5FINITY presents

The Female Persuasion 5 - Pedro Perez's Trizia Sketch Card Series / 5fini3 Sketch Cards (600 packs)

Featuring at least one sketch card per pack drawn by some of the best sketch card artists in the industry, Trizia is Pedro Perez's fun and sexy female character! This series will be an amazing collection of fantastic sketch cards, cool tiered autograph cards and four different randomly inserted Trizia trading cards (limited to 40, 30, 20, and 10, respectively). Get in on the ground floor as Trizia blows up, just as Mandy did outside of Playboy and Cherry did outside of indie, underground comix! 

Look for random Special Packs (450 Trizia packs):

  • 100 Rare Artist Sketch Cards (1:4.5 packs)
  • 100 Ultra Rare Trizia Trading Cards (1:4.5 packs)
  • 50 Pedro Perez Autograph Cards (1:9 packs)
  • 25 Pedro Perez Silver Ink Autograph Cards (1:18 packs)
  • 15 Pedro Perez Sketch Cards (1:30 packs)
  • 10 Pedro Perez Gold Ink Autograph Cards (1:45 packs)
  • 10 Mystery Artist Sketch Cards (1:45 packs)
  • 10 Pedro Perez & Dean Yeagle Dual Autograph Cards (1:45 packs)
  • 5 Pedro Perez & Dean Yeagle Dual Gold Ink Autograph Cards (1:90 packs)

Odds of receiving a Special Pack are less than 1 in 1.5 packs! This series is loaded! 


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