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Iron Man 3 Movie


  • Collect the 60 card base set featuring first-look images of Iron Man 3!
  • Four (4) base cards in each Hobby Pack!
  • Collect the Palladium Poisoned foil parallel of the entire base set.
  • Collect actor autographs and pieces of memorabilia that came directly from costumes shown in the movie!
  • Two (2) movie memorabilia cards per box!
  • Look for any one (1) of the following per hobby box: actor autograph, sketch card or on-card comic book artist or writer autographs.
  • Chase one-of-a-kind artist sketch cards from some of the greatest comic artists in the industry!
  • Look for randomly inserted Hall of Armor insert cards featuring the many suits of Iron Man!
  • Look for Authentic 1 of 1 press plate cards!


  • Iron Man 3 insert cards!
    • Heroic Threads Memorabilia Cards – inserted 1:12
    • Hall of Armor (PETG) cards – 1:36
    • Actor Autograph Cards – inserted - 1:144
    • Palladium Poisoned Parallel – 1:1
  • Unique Marvel Sketch Cards!
    • Artist Sketch Cards – inserted 1:36
    • Comic Autograph cards – inserted 1:144
  • Regular Cards
    • 60 Regular Cards


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