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June 2016 Newsletter

Friday, June 17, 2016

Digital Heroes June 2016 Newsletter

Happy almost Summer! I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are living, but here in Walla Walla we've had a heat wave the past week and have even seen triple digit weather that doesn't normally arrive here until the middle of the summer. If you think you missed the May newsletter, you did not! I didn't have the time to write it so it doesn't exist. Most of my time this past month was spent moving our local shop to a new address - 1617 E Alder, Suite B - here in Walla Walla. It's right near the 7-11 if you know the area. I'm now in the process of relocating the mail order operations to this new address, and hope to have that done sometime during July. Finally, we've eliminated the old shop telephone number and have moved our existing mail order phone number down to the shop. So now our main phone number is (509) 525-0380. The shop also has cell phone (509) 540-7327 that can be used if you'd like to send us a text message.

NEW AT OUR SHOP: Along with the thousands of trading cards and graphic novels we currently have on display, I plan on bringing in a dozen or so long boxes of back issue comics along with a display rack of RPG's over this summer. Additionally we will be expanding our selection of action figures with some Star Trek, Marvel, Game of Thrones and some additional Pops vinyls.

Recent Arrivals:

We recently broke cases and posted singles from the following sets: James Bond 007 Classics, Captain America Civil War & Ghostbusters Trading Cards. Sealed boxes are also available for all three.

Order here:
Order here:
Order here:


We received the Lady Death Icon Sketch Card Series packs from 5finity. This is a limited product, but I was able to secure a fair number of packs. I have no plans on breaking packs at this point in time, but we do still have some available.

Order here:

Lady Death Icon

The American Horror Story Asylum collector's edition boxes and binders from Breygent have arrived. We've broken down a case of these and I expect we'll have the contents posted shortly. I have boxes, binders and base sets available now.

Order here:

American Horror Story

The Game of Thrones Season 5 cards from Rittenhouse have just arrived! My team is working on a multiple case break of these so we should have a nice variety of autographs and other goodies from this set posted before the end of the month.

Order here:

Game of Thrones

The Star Wars Evolution 2016 card boxes from Topps are also in stock and ready to ship. This is a hobby exclusive product so please don't expect to see these at the big box stores. I've set a case aside to break down, but as you can see from the above products, we have a bit of a back log. I do hope to have the contents from these posted before the end of the month as well.

Order here:

Star Wars Evolution

The Magic Eternal Masters booster packs and boxes have arrived at our shop! This is a very high demand product and quantiles are limited. We have individual booster packs and full boxes available.

Order here:

Magic Eternal Masters

Coming this Month:

The second Topps Doctor Who set arrives around the middle of the month. Doctor Who Timeless features 100 base cards and 2 "hits" per box that include autographs, costume cards and more. I do plan on breaking a case of these.

Order here:

Doctor Who

Upper Deck has the Disney Pixar Finding Dory trading cards coming around the middle of the month. These are basic cards without all the frills and can be had at a reasonable price point. As with all Upper Deck products, we are not allowed to post sealed packs or boxes for sale online during the first 90 days of release. If you'd like to purchase sealed packs or a full box, you'll need to drop me an email, give me a call or visit our shop.

Order here:

Finding Dory

Cryptozoic has announced an official release date of June 15th for the Walking Dead Season 4 Part 1 cards. We are still taking orders for boxes, binders and base sets. It is possible (even likely) we'll be allocated so we've limited pre-orders to a max of 3 boxes. If I end up with extras once released I'll allow additional orders at that time. I do plan on breaking down a case of these as well.

Order here:

Walking Dead

Cryptozoic also has announced an official release date for the Vampire Diaries Season 4 cards of June 22nd. Each box will contain an autograph and costume card as well as an assortment of other chase cards. The base set will contain 63 cards and the official binder includes an exclusive costume card.

Order here:

Big Bang Theory

The new 2016 Marvel Masterpieces trading cards from Upper Deck are scheduled to ship around the end of the month. This is the highly anticipated "Joe Jusko" release that will be reminiscent of the 1992 cards. It is however a premium product with packs containing 3 cards: 1 base card and 2 insert or parallel cards. Boxes will have 12 packs and will contain a "Joe Jusko Themed" sketch card as well as a 1992 buyback card. Also look for rare Joe Jusko autographs. Since this is an Upper Deck product, if you'd like to purchase a box, you'll need to drop me an email, give me a call or swing by our shop.

Order here:

Marvel Masterpieces

We are also taking pre-orders for the following:

DC Justice League Star Wars Force Awakens Star Trek TNG Arrested Development

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you have any questions about any of the products listed here.

Jeff Watson, Owner

Digital Heroes
1617 E Alder Suite B
Walla Walla WA 99362
Phone: (509) 525-0380

*Please Note: product release dates, content and configuration are based on the most current information we have at the time of this writing. It is very possible that the manufacturer may cancel, delay or alter the product content or configuration prior to release. Digital Heroes has no control and takes no responsibility for changes made by the manufacturer to their product prior to release.

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