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Kick Ass

This incredible 100-card set features comic art and limited photo images from both the BEST-SELLING comic series and the hit movie! And to make this a must-have item for Kick-Ass fans, this series will include exclusive original art, available only through this card series!


Kick-Ass Trading Cards: from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. When you have two of the greatest creators in comics kicking ass, what else can you do but have DYNAMIC FORCES kicking ass with them. One hundred images! That's right, Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. kick so much ass that instead of doing a standard 72-card set we're presenting 100 cards!

That's not all, we're going to have chase cards, including hand-drawn sketch cards, signed cards, costume cards and more. We're even going to have some fun and have some of the cards signed by the characters in the movie! Didn't see that one coming, did ya! (to take a line from the movie). Costume Cards! Signed and Re-Marked Black and White and Hand Colored Cards! Blood Red "Beaten and Bloody Cards!" Rare Cards with hand drawn Gold and hand Drawn Silver sketches! Signed cards in multiple colors! Signatures in Basic Black! Balls out Blue! Ultra Rare Red! Super Silver! And Gorgeous Gold! Character Signature Cards! Super Rare Replicated Hand Drawn Sketch Cards signed by the dynamic super star Sketch Card Artist extraordinaire who create the ONE-OF-A-KIND HAND DRAWN Sketch Cards! Redemption Cards for rare signed and limited edition comics! Redemption cards for RARE 5" by 7" mail away hand drawn cards! Rare Sneak Peak Cards showcasing behind the scenes from the movie and Negative Art Cards!


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