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November 2015 Newsletter

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Digital Heroes November 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone! We are now in the month of November which officially kicks off the start of the Holiday shopping season. It is also the time of year that manufacturers end up dumping a huge amount of product into the marketplace. Assuming things come out on time, we should be seeing a new card release most every week between now and Christmas. While it's nice to have lots to choose from it means we have to spread out our spending budget and for some items, availability will be limited. This is why I highly recommend that you place pre-orders for any items that are on your must list. The sooner we receive your order, the better chance we have at filling it.

Ready for a "Black Friday" discount? We have a coupon code you can use starting right now that won't expire until the 31st of December. It is only good for a single order and you must be a registered member of our website and logged into your account during checkout. The code is HOLIDAY15 and it is good for 10% off of your entire order.

New at our store front: Our storefront will be running Sunday hours through the holidays - Noon to 4:00PM. Behind the counter on Sundays is our new employee - Marcus. We also just put out an assortment of Star Wars action figures and toys. These are mostly from the last 20 years so there is a wide range to choose from. Most all of these items can also be seen on our website.

Recent Arrivals:

We recently posted a case break of the Firefly the Verse cards which includes some very nice autograph and sketch cards. The base set is a large 171 cards - and no, you won't get one in a singe box. If you are looking for sealed boxes, give me a call or drop me an email, I still have a few left.

Order here:


We received the Star Wars Micro Comics packs from IDW recently. Each pack includes a mini-replica of the original 1977 Marvel comic adaptation. Along with the comic is a 3D poster with glasses and comic card with a puzzle back. We have factory sealed boxes and individual packs available.

Order here:

Star Wars

We recently received the new Pokemon XY Breakthrough expansion. This expansion includes over 160 new cards. Look for 6 cards featuring the new "BREAK" game mechanic and 8 new new Pokemon-EX, including 4 Mega Evolution Pokemon. We have booster boxes & packs as well as Elite Trainer boxes and Theme Decks.

Order here:


By the time you are reading this the Penny Dreadful Season 1 cards will have arrived. The binders will have not. I've been told to expect the binders sometime in the next couple of weeks. If you've placed a pre-order that includes a binder, we will hold your order until everything is here. I plan on breaking a case and should hopefully have the contents posted early next week.

Order here:

Penny Dreadful

Coming this Month:

Rittenhouse will be releasing the Star Trek TNG Portfolio Prints on the 11th. The base set features the art of Juan Ortiz who also did the base set for last year's popular Star Trek TOS Portfolio Prints. Boxes include 3 autograph cards as well as chase cards featuring ships, TNG comics, parallel cards and more! Rare full color sketch cards can be found 1 per case of 12 boxes. I plan on breaking a couple of cases of these and will hopefully have the contents posted before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Order here:

Star Trek TNG

Cryptozoic has scheduled the Green Arrow Season 2 cards to ship on the 18th. Boxes will include both Autograph and Costume Wardrobe cards. Be on the lookout for a variety of chase sets and rare parallels. We are taking pre-orders on boxes, binders and base sets. I also plan to break at least 1 case and assuming all goes as planned should have the contents posted before the end of the month.

Order here:


The Topps Doctor Who 2015 cards are scheduled to arrive around the 25th. Yes, these are the same ones that were originally scheduled to arrive last year and it finally looks like they're going to make it. Each box includes 2 hits (Autographs, TARDIS Patch Cards, or Costume Relic Cards) and an assortment of other chase subset cards. The base set is a huge 200 cards, so please don't expect to assemble one with a single box. I do expect to break a case of these so we should have at least a couple of base sets as well as an assortment of chase cards posted a week or so after the release.

Order here:

Doctor Who

We are currently expecting the Bates Motel Collector Boxes from Breygent to ship around the end of the month. Each box contains a complete set of 72 base cards, 1 parallel card, 8 hits (costume, prop, autograph or costume autograph card), Chase Cards: 2 of 9 Postcards from White Pine Bay, 2 of 9 The Making of Norman Bates, and 2 of 9 Victims. Breygent is already sold out of these and pre-orders have been strong. I hope to break a few boxes, but it will depend on what we have left once they are released.

Order here:

Bates Motel

We are also taking pre-orders for the following:

Star Wars Star Wars Marvel Agents of SHIELD

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you have any questions about any of the products listed here.

Jeff Watson, Owner

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