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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy Spring! The weather has warmed up around here and I'm truly hoping we are done with the snow. I'm already busy planning a couple of fishing trips in the next couple of months, so as the weather gets better, it might be a bit more difficult finding me hanging around the shop. Also, we will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 16th.

I hired a new employee last month. Locals who play Magic at our shop will already know him. Miles will be working at the shop on Monday mornings and weekends. If you come by or call when he's there make sure to say hi. If you'd like to send him an email he can be reached at Picture of Magic the Gathering Amonkhet Factory Sealed Booster Pack

Speaking of Magic, we have a some big events at our shop this month. First up is the Magic Open House on Saturday, April 15th. This event is designed to introduce new people to the game. We have free decks to give to new players and a special foil land card to give to existing players who bring in a new player. The weekend of April 22nd and 23rd will be the Amonkhet Prerelease. We have a very limited number of spots available for each day. The cost is $25 to reserve your spot and Prerelease pack. April 29th and 30th is Draft weekend. Lastly, we have a variety of Friday Night Magic events every Friday (of course)! Marcus will be running all of these events. Please give him a call or drop him an email if you have any Magic releated questions:

Magic Amonkhet products can be pre-ordered through our website:

Recent Arrivals:

The following cards have arrived since our last newsletter! Click on the box and/or title for more information and to place your order. Please note the Marvel Annual cards are an Upper Deck product and you'll have to give me a call or drop me an email if you want to order these.

Marvel Annual Marvel Comics

Arrow Season 3 Arrow

Wacky Packs 50th Wacky Packages

SW Rogue One Series 2 Star Wars Rogue One

Gotham Season 2 Gotham Season 2

Outlander Binder 2 Outlander Binder

Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball Honus Bonus

Topps 2017 Heritage Baseball Topps 2017 Heritage Baseball

I posted a case break of Arrow Season 3. I've also broken down a case of Marvel Annual and hope to have them up in the next week or so. I plan to break a case of Gotham Season 2 and may break a few boxes of SW Rogue One Series 2. We have a very limited supply of the Outlander Binder 2 so we are limiting them to a max of 2 per person.

Coming Soon:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Wars 40th Star Wars 40th

James Bond Archives
Final Edition James Bond

Game of Thrones Season 6 Game of Thrones

Flash Season 2 The Flash

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guardians Rising Pokemon Guardians Rising

Doctor Who
Signature Series Doctor Who

Fleer Ultra Spider-Man Spider-Man

The Game of Thrones Season 6 cards are scheduled to release around the middle of April. We plan on breaking down a case or two. Upper Deck has both the Fleer Ultra Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy cards scheduled for a May release. Please call or email if you'd like to order a box of either or both. The Star Wars 40th Anniversary cards are now scheduled for an early May release. Both the Flash Season 2 and the James Bond Archives should arrive before the end of May. Please see our website for more details on these releases and to place orders.

Free Comic Book Day

We are hosting Free Comic Book Day on May 6th. There will be a free comic book for anyone who stops by our shop on Saturday May 6th. Keep watching our facebook page for ways to earn bonus comics!

We are also taking comic and graphic novel pre-orders from the April Previews catalog:

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you have any questions about any of the products listed here.

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