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Dark World


  • Collect the 60 Card Base Set featuring many of the memorable moments in Thor 2.
    • Three or Four base cards in each Hobby Pack!
  • Look for the 60 Card Parallel base set. These are thick cards made entirely of Acrylic!
  • Collect subsets including Character, Movie Posters and Concept Art themed cards! At least one (1) subset card per Pack!
  • Find Filmmaker Series Autograph Cards and Authentic 1 of 1 press plate cards!
  • Look for any one (1) of the following per hobby box: actor autograph, sketch card or on-card comic book creator autograph card.
  • Confirmed Autograph Signers:
    • Zachary Levi
    • Chris Hemsworth
    • Jaimie Alexander
    • Kat Dennings
    • Ray Stevenson
  • Look for Authentic 1 of 1 press plate cards!


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