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True Blood Premiere Edition Ultimate Master Set with 40 Autograph Cards

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Manufacturer: Rittenhouse Archives
This is an Ultimate Master set that includes 98 Base Cards, 98 Base Parallel (1:3 Packs), 9 The Quotable True Blood (1:12 Packs), 9 Character Cards (1:12 Packs), 6 Black-n-White Cards (1:18 Packs), 4 Shadowbox Cards (1:72 Packs), 38 different pack inserted Autograph Cards (1:12 Packs), 1 Die Cut Case Topper Bottle Card, 1 3-Case Kristin Bauer as Pam Dealer Incentive Autograph, 1 6-Case Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Incentive Autograph, 5 Promo Cards, a color laser print of the sell sheet, an empty display box and a single sealed pack all stored within the official binder!